Tallulah Ketubahs was founded by designer and painter Rachel Marks. Like many Ketubah artists, Rachel got her start in the world of Ketubahs after creating one for her own wedding! Her desire to create Ketubahs in a contemporary and clean style is evident in all her art pieces — a true testimony to her artistic skills.

Noah and I both noticed the same thing as soon as we checked out the Tallulah Ketubahs website — it’s easy to use interface and modern style! There’s a ton of information on the ordering process, explaining each step and what the customization process requires. Rachel’s Ketubahs are printed on Giclee and contain a variety of text options. One thing I really loved was that among the texts she offers, she mentions same-sex, which unfortunately¬†can be a rare thing to see!¬†Tallulah Ketubahs’ gallery is a bit small and doesn’t contain a huge variety of designs, but among the Ketubahs she does have, her designs are stunning and contains tons of color and life.

From what we saw, Noah and I both were truly impressed with the Tallulah Ketubahs website. We love the modern feel to this website and think it makes a great addition to the variety of Ketubah styles to choose from. If you’re looking for something with a personal touch (and tons of color!), we definitely recommend checking out Tallulah Ketubahs!