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Urban Collective are classic style ketubot created by sisters Jennifer Raichman & Wendy Hahn. Their commitment to simple and timeless design is apparent in their beautiful and organic ketubot. We really enjoyed going through their page, it is evident that they put thought and time into creating a website to reflect the style and design of their ketubot! As well as the other wedding products they sell, such as invitations, chuppahs and more.

Their website is more in the style of an informative blog about their business and ketubot. It wasn’t easy to find where to purchase their artwork until we arrived at their Etsy site. Noah and I both agreed however, that it would have been nice to see everything all on one page. We understand though that it’s not always practical for smaller artists and sometimes it’s easier to use a website like Etsy for their sales.

Some of the downsides of their site is the lack of information and a way to go about having easy and smooth interaction. Some of the most important steps in buying a Ketubah, such as personalization and price details, are not listed. As well their customer service and response time is quite poor. Ordering a Ketubah is so important, and with all the steps and small details involved, it is essential to find an artist that is willing to go above and beyond, as well as answer any question you have with clarity. Unfortunately Urban Collective misses the mark of this very important part of their business.

And one feature that we absolutely loved? Their book cloth style ketubot! Made with Italian backcloth paper and archival links, this ketubah gives the overall feel of a classic “good book”. Their other ketubot are made with the paper-cut style and the standard cotton paper. No matter what the material is, their ketubot are created with a fresh aesthetic that can remain a timeless piece for many years to come!







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  1. While their work is beautiful, my fiance and I found them difficult to communicate with and, overall, we felt we received a poor customer service experience. Over the course of a month, we were unable to get answers to basic questions about their work. The replies that we did get were non-sequitors to our original questions. There were some confusing policies surrounding changing out old designs and colors along with pricing increases that I still do not comprehend. For something as important as the wedding certificate, we just couldn’t trust them to deliver.

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