Starting out as a textile designer in New York, artist Zeesi has a background in fine art training, as well as a beautiful collection of ketubot. Zeesi’s ketubah collection draws inspiration from the landscape and symbolic images in Israel, and is a testament to her skill within various artistic mediums.

Not only does Zeesi create and sell ketubot, but her Judaica is also made up of invitations, jewelry, and other fine art prints! Noah and I didn’t look too extensively into the other sections of her Judaica, but we love an artist who uses their skill in various fields — it gets us even more excited about their artwork! The Zeesi Judaica website was pretty straightforward and user friendly. Her Fine Art Giclee Ketubot can be printed on either heavyweight art paper or parchment, with personalization included in the price.

Although we thought her website was great, she definitely left out a lot of key information we would have loved to see, such as shipping costs, a more extensive text option, rush order availability, etc. As well she only offers Orthodox texts with or without English, which was disappointing and limiting to potentially interested couples.  With rich symbolic imagery and layered accents, Zeesi’s ketubahs are definitely more on the traditional end of the spectrum. Her background in design and Israeli inspiration is evident in her use of colors and textures, and makes for an overall stunning collection of traditional designs!