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Boasting a beautiful storefront on exclusive King David street in Jerusalem and ‘Illumination Style’ Ketubot in the most traditional sense, the Chazin family and creates and sells Jewish art on parchment for all sorts of occasions. From Ketubot to Megillahs (for Purim!) and other Judaica needs, these Ketubot will appeal to only the most religious of our visitors.

Artistically, Art Chazin‘s Ketubot are unique because of their customizable options, such as gold-leafing of their designs, additional layers of acrylic to paint, and embossed Hebrew Letters (there is no English option anywhere to be found!). Since each Ketubah is hand-mand, they also have a service to hand-cut and burn the parchment, giving a truly traditional feel…maybe for those interested in a Talmud-themed wedding!

The Noah and I felt the website had to get a low score because despite the options, there was no easy-to-use order form, and the prices for all of the ‘extras’ were not published anywhere on the site. So although the base price for the Ketubah is around $275, shipping from Israel plus gold leafing could leave your wedding account empty!

Note: Although Art Chazin only provides Orthodox text, we included this review because of their unusual customization options. Hopefully, you can use this as a guide to working with a great artist on a Ketubah you will love (no matter who you love!)

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