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Art Ketubah

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Nishima Kaplan‘s Art Ketubah has a great diversity of ketubahs to choose from. There are many categories that are sure to include whatever style you’re looking for. The ketubahs featured range from prints of geometric designs, celestials, or landscape themes to handmade ketubahs by the artist featuring many different media.

Though the site is not quite modern, the great selection and distinctive art style make up for it. They offer plenty of text options including those for interfaith marriages and marriages of two brides or two grooms. For an extra fee you can even customize your text. It costs fifteen dollars to order a sample (the cost of the first sample goes towards your ketubah purchase) so it pays to really narrow down your selection ahead of time.

Heidi and I are always looking to find diversity in design. Art Ketubah totally satisfied our desire for diverersity. The site features geometric designs, nature scenes, and even work inspired by many modern artists including a personal favorite, Gustav Klimt! The testimonials all seem to feature happy customers. Art Ketubah has even been featured positively in quite a few Jewish publications around the country!

The site is a bit klunky and doesnt necessarily provide a lot of information to help users determine what kind of ketubah is best for them, but if you already know what you want Art Ketubah is a great place to start your search for the perfect ketubah for you and your beloved.

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