CBL Fine Art is more than just an online Ketubah store, but a beautiful award-winning shop for those who happen to be passing through North Jersey (Noah and I stopped by when we visited my sister)! Unlike some other shops which only feature online-options, all the Ketubot offered on their site are also on full-size display in the gallery if you’re the type that needs to feel the paper in your hands!

The online interface was great for finding all sorts of gifts, but you will have to dig a little bit to find the Ketubot (hint: they’re listed under Judaica) among all the other great items. Offering about 250 Ketubot, the selection is slightly less than you might find on ‘big-box’ online Ketubah stores, with most priced around a reasonable $250. CBL Fine Art has all of the top names in Ketubah Artists, including those Amy Fagin. We were also excited to see a less-common medium: copper and silver in the works of Gad Almaliah, which isn’t something every Ketubah store carries! The best part is you can go into the store and see the textures for yourself!

One thing Noah and I appreciated was the availability of options, but unfortunately not every Ketubah offers options for Interfaith and Same-Sex couples, and some with only one or two text options (sometimes Orthodox, sometimes Conservative and Reform). So before you fall in love with a Ketubah design, be sure to keep an eye out for the options included– they may not offer your text. CBL Fine Art also doesn’t feature a sorting option by price among only Ketubot, which could make searching within your budget a bit more challenging!