Selling far more than just Ketubot Judaica Collection offers many of the most common Ketubah artists, as well as a few surprises that Noah and I loved! Unlike many sites which simply have page after page of Ketubot, Judaica Collection has them sorted specifically Artist with a gentle site design and layout…we wanted to keep clicking! Without seeing the prices so obviously displayed upfront, I really liked the feeling of searching for art rather than searching for something to fit my budget.

Maybe it was because of the site layout, but both Noah and I felt like the Ketubot on Judaica Collection were more colorful and inspired than average, and we loved it! With a variety of giclee, lazer-cut, lithograph, and metal options, we realized that though other sites might have these same options, they were presented as clearly as friendly! With around 12 artists and 17 pages of Ketubah designs, the healthy mix of traditional Ketubot and more colorful modern design wasn’t just refreshing, but easy to navigate. The order forms were easy to use, but each Ketubah design is different! Be sure to keep an eye out for ordering options: some Ketubot include various languages, texts, and sizes while others charge separately for each option.

We especially liked the special button and page dedicated to those Ketubot which could include same-sex texts. There were plenty of options for Gay and Lesbian couples, as well as progressive and egalitarian texts. We could look for hours!