Ke­tubahs and more has all sorts of rea­son­able op­tions for cou­ples of all types! With a claim to fame as the “Num­ber 1 Ke­tubah Site for Ser­vice and Price,” Ke­tubahs and More of­fers a range of most­ly tra­di­tion­al de­signs, with many of the most well known Ke­tubah Artists in the Unit­ed States.

Want to stay tra­di­tion­al but on a bud­get? With Ke­tubot as low as $49.00, Ke­tubahs and More can help you if you’re try­ing to keep your wed­ding as eco­nom­i­cal as pos­si­ble!

One thing I liked was the abil­i­ty to cre­ate a user­name and log in to book­mark and save your fa­vorite Ke­tubot. With so many to choose from, it can get con­fus­ing keep­ing all of the links in your Fa­vorites fold­er! With over 500 Ke­tubot it’s easy to get lost! Noah was­n’t as much of user of this fea­ture, and would much rather browse with­out log­ging in. To each his own!

With an easy-on-the-eyes lay-out and Ke­tubot di­vid­ed by price and text type at just one click, it was easy to spend lots of time pe­rus­ing the site! Un­for­tu­nate­ly, the “Shop-by-text” tab did­n’t in­clude an egal­i­tar­i­an or same-sex op­tion, but we’ve seen that many of these artists can in­clude gay or les­bian texts. We sug­gest giv­ing them a call if you’re in­ter­est­ed in these ver­sions!

The 12 Tribes Ke­tubah re­al­ly caught my eye, as I’d nev­er seen it be­fore, and at such a rea­son­able price! If on­ly it was of­fered in a larg­er size, I might just trade in Noah and my old Ke­tubah. Over­all a great site, and we’re glad to have found it.