KetubahSpirit by Gilat Ben-Dor $199+

KetubahSpirit by Gilat Ben-Dor

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Looking for a personal touch from an artist who’s also a writer, photographer, and public speaker? Ketubah designer Gilat Ben-Dor presents original and unique water-colors and photography-based Ketubot on her site Ketubah Spirit. An Israeli currently based in Arizona, Gilat has created around 35 designs herself for a range of styles for those looking for anything but the average Ketubah!

Heidi and I loved that her site describes her style as “Ancient tradition meets contemporary flair,” and we can definitely see her personal style shinning through her work! She has created several Ketubot by placing texts in the foreground of her photography, including scenes from Israel such as the Western Wall, while others focus on her use of graphic design or water color paintings. It looks like the site is a bit on the older side, and a new layout could really bring out the beauty of her style.

Ben-Dor’s Israeli roots definitely shine through her work, and we love the spunky fact that she’s also a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association! Among those on the site we didn’t see anything we absolutely loved, but we would have liked to see more! We Definitely appreciated her flexibility on text options, and it looks like she has more than we could count!

We also loved the fact that her business seems very open, and we wouldn’t feel shy about giving her a call to discuss the details of our Ketubah. We love great customer service, so we were thrilled to see it! As a strong supporter of Israel myself, I liked the idea of supporting an Israeli artist, though Heidi mostly loved the design with hearts!

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